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Vision and Mission
  • Vision
  • Mission

To establish as a leading biotech company and make a difference in society by developing affordable health care for all.


Utilizing High-Throughput technologies and leveraging scientific expertise to develop novel and biobetter biologics.

Who We Are

Theragen Biologics is a Chennai based start-up biologics company established in the year 2017.

We are currently involved in the development of biobetter for Diabetic Retinopathy, a leading cause of vision loss in vast number of working-age people worldwide. We also look forward to introducing affordable drugs for diseases with global prevalence in future. We have molecules for cancer therapy in pipeline.

Why Biologics ?
Biologics are produced from living organisms and range from proteins, like monoclonal antibodies, to peptide drugs up to vaccines as well as gene and cell therapy products. . They, are highly effective when compared to small molecule drugs due to their highly specific binding against one target. This results in less undesirable side-effects and low toxicity. By far, the commercially most successful biologics are monoclonal antibodies. They proved successful ,owing to their high epitope specificity and thereby negligible off-target effects. The advantages such as homogeneity, specificity, and large-scale production; and fewer side effects related to substitute drugs, have been the reasons for the steady market growth of new biologics in the past years.