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Why Biologics ?
Biologics are produced from living organisms and range from proteins, like monoclonal antibodies, to peptide drugs up to vaccines as well as gene and cell therapy products. . They, are highly effective when compared to small molecule drugs due to their highly specific binding against one target. This results in less undesirable side-effects and low toxicity. By far, the commercially most successful biologics are monoclonal antibodies. They proved successful ,owing to their high epitope specificity and thereby negligible off-target effects. The advantages such as homogeneity, specificity, and large-scale production; and fewer side effects related to substitute drugs, have been the reasons for the steady market growth of new biologics in the past years.



Dr. Ramchand has a rich industrial and academic background in the field of drug discovery, nanotechnology and nutraceuticals. He has held key leadership roles in industries such as India Director & World Wide Executive Member at Kemin Industries South Asia Pvt Ltd. India and Vice President & Head of New Drug Discovery (biological) Research Programme at Sun Pharma Advances Research Centre (SPARC) India. He has also held the position of Joint Co-ordinator and Head, Laboratory Research Program at Biomedical Sciences, University of Sheffield and Northern General Hospital Sheffield, UK, a prestigious University Position. Prior to this he was the Sr. Scientist and Project Head at the Institute of Biological Psychiatry at University of Wales, Bangor, UK.

He has also worked as Senior Research Officer at the Biochemistry Department, University of North Wales, Bangor, UK. He has over 25 years of rich experience in the areas of teaching, basic research, Drug Discovery Programme and Disease Mechanism, guiding M.Sc./Ph.D students and setting up Research facility. Dr. Ramchand has closely worked on several molecules and many of these are at different stages of clinical trials. Dr. Ramchand has published over 70 peer-reviewed papers in international journals, edited 5 books, has over 40 patents either issued or in process.